Grand Bahia Principe


At Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, connecting with the genuine happiness of our guests and staff has always been our watchword and, at present, we know connecting with this happiness means creating the maximum peace of mind possible among them, by means of the implementation of the most rigorous measures to ensure their health and safety.

And so, more now than ever before, we are continuing our evolution as a company by reviewing our procedures and standards, adapting them in line with recommendations made by WHO and the governmental authorities of the countries where we have a presence, always keeping in mind the health of the population, the health of the planet and social awareness.

This is because we truly believe that, although everything is changing, the most important thing is to remain unscathed. That is why we shall continue working every day to make everybody around us feel happy in a responsible way.



As part of Grupo Piñero, here at Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts , we continue to progress with our commitment to Sustainability, and to introduce environmental, social, and health criteria, as well as those relating to good management.

At Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts we already hold prestigious seals of quality of an international nature in questions of Sustainability: Travelife Gold Certification and Earth Check, which go to prove our commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism, in addition to Health and Safety certificates issued by HS Consulting, international consultants specialized in the tourist industry.


At the present time, as a consequence of the world health situation we are living through, we are reinforcing our hygiene, infection prevention, and health protocols, in accordance with the recommendations of the Spanish Government’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, and Ministry of Health, specifically aimed at the tourist industry, and  other recommendations on the part of the governments of the countries we operate in, not to mention the guidelines  issued by the World Health Organization, to guarantee people’s safety, the health of the planet and to continue contributing to the Aims of Sustainable Development.


Guaranteeing the conservation of the surroundings and safe, healthy services

  • We encourage social distancing; respecting, and keeping to, a safe distance of 6 feet, either in areas where there are other guests,  or members of staff (offices, work areas, rest areas, dining rooms and housing)

• registering the flow of peoples transit  
• adapting the furniture in different areas, both interior and exterior
• limiting the capacity of specific areas
• doing away with waiting areas
• using advance bookings to manage times of services
• encouraging a more personalized service: with an a la carte Room Service and serviced buffets 

 Caring for people and the community with a strict plan for prevention, safety and protection

-We are working on a plan for integral training for all our staff, who will be carefully trained and provided with the protective equipment necessary to guarantee their safety, in addition to that of our guests. We will roll out awareness programs to help ensure our staff’s self-protection, as well as intensive and ongoing training about the renewed protocols in each department.

- We will place at the disposal of our guests the infection prevention and health controls required to ensure their wellbeing, and we shall offer them the protective equipment necessary to make sure that the only thing they have to worry about is enjoying their stay.

- We will set up strict controls of entries and exits of our facilities, as well as the flow of people, whether these are guests, members of staff, suppliers, or visitors, ensuring their traceability. 

-We shall continue to keep at the disposal of our guests our medical and health care services 24 hours a day, with an ambulance on call ,and rooms for self isolation/safety made available at the hotel itself.

Intensifying infection prevention and health controls and adapting our quality standards

-We are reinforcing our protocols of cleanliness and disinfection in all areas and spaces with a greater occurrence: increasing the frequency and intensifying the supervision and control of the process.

- All staff shall be made aware of, skilled and trained in the implementation of these adaptations of our protocols, and we shall create the posts of Clean Keeper for their supervision and monitoring.  We shall, in addition , have a specific monitoring committee in each hotel to check, reinforce and adapt the procedures to the needs and requirements of the situation as it develops at all times

- We shall ensure we only use certified cleaning products and equipment that are biodegradable and ensure the highest possible standards of hygiene and disinfection without damaging the environment; these will have full endorsement from experts as to their correct use and efficacy, and will be sourced from suppliers who can demonstrate full guarantees and compliance with all requirements, and, of course, carefully selected with ethical, environmental and social criteria.

- External, independent audits shall be carried out to validate the infection prevention and health protocols before the hotels open and, after that, regularly to guarantee our compliance with the standards established;  the usual internal audits shall be reinforced to the same ends.

Promoting a digitalized experience

-We shall encourage the use of Pre Check-in procedures, reducing contact to the minimum and reducing waiting lines; we shall also speed up the process of arrivals with Digital Registration and the scanning of documentation which also promotes the reduction of the consumption of paper. .

- We shall use digital screens as a means of communication and for giving out information about services , activities, opening times and capacities of points of consumption , on addition to all the norms and measures for the safekeeping of the guests.

-We shall maximize the digital booking of services, either through the website for direct customers, or through the app from guests’ mobile devices, so avoiding the creation of lines waiting to make reservations, interaction with other people and facilitating control of the safe capacities of public areas.

- We shall promote the use at any time of our Bahia Principe App to consult the program of activities, the menus of the restaurants, information about the hotel and the resort, a map of our location, E-concierge service…